Why choose Blake-IT?

If you are looking to start a website or revamp your existing site and draw in more traffic, it can be hard to sift through everything that is available out there. Give us just a few minutes to show you how we can help you get the results you are looking for. 

The Proof Is In The Numbers

Since 2013 we've helped local businesses transform their online presence and sales portals. We get the job done. We listen to your needs and craft a quality website around your vision. 

We're Local

Many times a salesman comes to town and sells local business owners on a website. The problem is their shop is 1,000 miles away and your account may get handed off from one project manager to another. We believe in hyper local support. If you need to sit down and talk numbers and strategy we are right here in the Houston area. We know your demographic and what they are looking for because we live here too. 


I've heard it time and again "My [insert family member here] works on our website". Is your designer certified by google? Ours is! Website Designer and Owner Blake Hanley, has been developing websites since 1995 and has worked in the fast paced IT field from 2000-2014 and has worked on projects with some of the top fortune 500 companies.  In 2013 Blake decided it was time to leverage his experience and level the playing field for small businesses. He left his corporate IT support position and now creates websites and marketing campaigns that drive results.

With a support team of varying backgrounds and experience guided by Blake's experience we are able to provide a well-rounded, professional experience.  

Multiple Options

We can create anything from a simple landing page to a corporate website and everything in between. However HTML isn't our only one trick pony. We offer a variety of services to accommodate your needs. We understand that SEO, Advertising, Social Media, and effective marketing are key components to a successful business. We offer it all, so your brand is cohesive and concise. 

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